About us

Nodepool.link is building tools and services for the Chainlink oracle network. We build and manage highly secure and profitable Chainlink nodes. We are building a Chainlink NaaS (Node-as-a-Service) product that allows our users to easily stake their LINK in our nodes. Nodepool.link is a product of the Bitbroker Labs innovation hub.

Meet our Team

Finn Judell

Finn has a history of technical recruiting and business development within the blockchain space. Upon Chainlink's unveiling in 2017, Finn was dumbfounded by the potential of the Chainlink network and decided to devote a large majority of his time into understanding the technical infrastructure on a deeper level. Upon doing this, running a Chainlink node came to him naturally. Finn is now devoted to building Chainlink related tools and service full-time.

Steven Li

Located in San Francisco Bay Area, Steven is a past co-founder of a deep tech startup in weather monitoring systems, deep dived into software engineering, working in blockchain and machine learning fields. Adjunct instructor at various past schools including UC Berkeley, Thinkful and StudyTheBlockchain.

Sebastian Rosces

As founder of Smartcontractengineer.com, Sebastian is a highly experienced Smart Contract consultant. Upon the unveiling of Chainlink's decentralised oracle network; Sebastian saw the ambitious opportunity to build tools for individuals and enterprises looking to utilise this technology.


Nodepool.link is building Chainlink node operational tools and services.

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